Youth Programs

Fall Youth Soccer
On September 16th, 2021 we will start Fall Youth Soccer! Scores and statistics are not kept as the emphasis is on fun and learning. Boys and girls play equally and practice together in the spirit of sportsmanship. Children ages 5-12.

Thursdays & Saturdays
5-7 year olds 4pm-4:50pm (Thursdays) and 9am-9:50am (Saturdays)
8-12 year olds 5pm-5:50pm (Thursdays) and 10am-10:50am (Saturdays)

Soccer Letter 2021
Program Registration Form
*must sign and return with check deposit
2021 Soccer-COVID-19-Preparedness Plan

Fall/Winter Swimming Lessons – Pending Instructor Availability
Private lesson inquiries can be emailed to
Please include name and age of child along with approximate swimming level

We offer swimming lessons all year round including:
-Level 1-6 (participants ages 4 years old and older)
-Group lessons are currently on pause do to COVID protocols & instructor availability


Parent Tot Swim Lessons: We are super excited to bring back Parent/Tot swim lessons! See the above image for more information! Nicole will be instructing these lessons and parents are expected to be in the water assisting their children.

Swim Lessons-COVID-19-Preparedness Plan

2022 Kids Kamp (Information available in March 2022)
Kidz Kamp is the signature summer day camp for local elementary school-aged children. This full day of fun and  activities including swimming, kickball, bounce house, board games, science experiments, crafts and outdoor/environmental education activities. Emphasis on social-emotional development, balance of structured & free-time activities, exercise and sportsmanship. Campers are led by carefully screened staff who are trained in 1st aid, CPR, child protection and group management skills. Camp is open to children ages 5-12.

Kidz Kamp Registration 2021 (30 participants maximum per session)
Registration for Kidz Kamp is now CLOSED as we are full for full for all sessions with a waiting list!

Early Drop Off/Pick Up
*Early drop off is from 7-7:30 AM
*Late pick up is from 4:30-5 PM
Cost is $25 per family, per session (same household)

Kidz Kamp Letter
Kidz Kamp Participant Information Packet 2021
KK Registration & Release Forms 2021
Kidz Kamp-COVID-19-Preparedness Plan
CRMC staff reimbursement information available upon request at

Youth Baseball & T-Ball – Pending!
Recreational athletics as they are meant to be with HCC’s commitment to fun and sportsmanship. All boys and girls get to experience all positions and enjoy the game for fun rather than competitively. All players share equal playing time. Children ages 5-9.

Mondays and Wednesdays at the ball field east of the Hallett Center

Ages 5-6 at 9:00am-9:45am
Ages 7-9 at 10:00am-10:45am
$40 members and $50 non-member
T-Ball / Baseball Participant Information Packet 2020
Waiver Form 2020*must sign and return with check deposit
T-ball – Baseball-COVID-19-Preparedness Plan

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