Hallett Community Center Foundation

The Hallett Community Center Foundation

The Hallett Community Center Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established to raise funding for Community Center needs that are over and above ongoing management operations.

Community Center needs and improvements are funded primarily through Foundation Board fundraising project, grants, donations or memorials from community members and businesses.

The Foundation is committed to improving the health and quality of life for members and guests of the health and quality of life for members and guest of the Hallett Community Center (HCC) as well as providing recreational and educational opportunities which benefit the entire family.

HCC enriches our community, young and old, right to the core of our values.  We’re a place where families and individuals gather…a place to recreate our spirit, exercise our minds and challenge our bodies.

We are committed to continued development and scholarships for educational programs such as rehabilitation, wellness, parenting, youth activities, volunteerism, nutrition and many others.

Recent past Foundation accomplishments include installation of a full size sauna, automatic/handicap accessible entrance doors, upgraded computer system, upgrading and ceramic tiling of locker rooms and showers, 24 hour access to the fitness center, surveillance camera upgrades and RealRyder bikes.

Some of the current needs include, but are not limited to additional fitness equipment such as pilates machine, rowing machine, workout floor mats, aides and adaptive equipment and hopes for a possible expansion in the future.

Your interest and investment in the Hallett Community Center Fundraising Foundation and the continuation of our assistance to the Hallett Community Center is vital to its success.  Thank you for considering our needs in your philanthropic endeavors.

In order to maintain the viability of the foundation, we are seeking new and dedicated board members with ideas to help sustain the fund raising efforts benefiting HCC.

Contact:  218.546.2616

Our Board Members:

Theresa Lashyro, President

Krista Bordwell, Secretary

Dr. Paul Perpich

Barb Anderson

Kris Davis, Treasurer

Wendi Johnson, MD

Florette Chenevert