Meeting Room

The Hallett Center provides excellent facilities for all your special event needs. We have facilities and rooms available for the following activities:

  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • Celebrations
  • Parties
  • Reunions
  • Swimming Parties
  • Fitness Gatherings
  • much, much more.

Meeting Room Rental Information

Members                                           Non-Members
4 hour Rental: $50.00                    4 hour Rental : $65.00
8 hour Rental: $ 75.00                    8 hour Rental: $90.00

*Rates do no include sales tax, or other additional fees. No added charges beyond two hours.

Event Bookings Policy

I. Non-Profit Rental
A.   Non-Profit identification required at the time of booking.
B.   Rental fee is due on the day of the event or 30 days after receipt of invoice.
C.   Any cancellation of less than 7 days will result in a loss of deposit or the equivalent of the one hour rental rate.
D.   Rate: 4 hour rental $30.00  8 hour rental: $50.00

II. Crosby City Council
A.  No Charge.

IV. Birthday/or Other Parties
A.  One hour Minimum Booking
B.  One adult required for every five children in attendance.
There is no charge for adult chaperones.
Any adult beyond the required ratio must pay group rate of $5 if swimming or skating (except birthday child or honored guest).
D.  There is a possibility of two parties being booked in the room at the same time.
E.  Do NOT leave Food or Beverages behind in the room.
F. Rental fee due at the time of  booking or within 3 days after booking. Additional fees will be assessed for major damage i.e. curtains, walls, or lights.
G.  Any cancellation of 7 days or less will result in the loss of the one-hour rental rate as a cancellation charge.