Hallett at Home – Virtual Wellness

Virtual Fitness and Health Group

HealthFitness is offering a variety of virtual classes via Facebook Live. These classes are being brought to you by HealthFitness instructors across the country.  The classes are designed to help you stay healthy during the closure. To get started, just visit virtualfitnesshealth.

Make May Matter

Join fitness center members throughout the country in being safe and healthy. Each week in May, we’ll provide simple healthy activities you can complete from home. We’ll also assign you to one of six nationwide teams, and you’ll all earn points for your team each time you complete an activity!

We’ll start each week on Monday with a theme and provide a list of activities:

  • Movement Matters (May 4 – May 10)
    Movement Walk, jog, run, dance — whatever gets you moving for 10 minutes! 1 point for every 10 minutes.
    Maximize Strength Perform 10 squats + 10 push-ups + plank for 20 seconds. 2 points for every set of all three exercises.
    Mobility Complete a set of stretching exercises. 3 points for every set of all five exercises.
  • Mental Health Matters (May 11 – 17)
    Me Time Take 10 minutes just for you–take a walk, read a book, work on a hobby. 1 point for every 10 minutes.
    Meditate Practice a breathing exercise. 2 points for every 5 minutes you spend practicing the breathing exercise.
    Minimize Monitor Minutes Turn off your device 30 minutes before bed. 3 points for every evening you do this.
  • Mindful Eating Matters (May 18 – 24)
    Make Snack Time Count Got the munchies? Set a timer and wait 10 minutes before you have
    a snack to make sure you aren’t eating mindlessly.
    1 point each time you do this.
    Manage Water Intake Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day. 2 points for each day you do this.
    Meal Prep Prepare a healthy and balanced meal. Your meal plate should be:

    One-half fruits and vegetables, one-quarter whole grains, and one-quarter lean protein, plus a serving dairy.

    3 points for each healthy and
    balanced meal.
  • Make It Happen in May! (May 25 – 31)
    Make Habits Pick three of your favorite activities from the month and integrate them
    into your daily routine.
    6 points for each day you complete all three of your chosen activities!

Let’s be healthy and show the world that we are better together.

Contact Bailey at bswensen@hallettcenter.com or info@hallettcenter.com with questions or to register.

Kitchen Clean-out

Join us each week for tips on how to reduce waste, organize your kitchen, save money and create some delicious food in the process!

We’ll start each week on Monday with a theme and provide daily information:

Contact Bailey at bswensen@hallettcenter.com or info@hallettcenter.com with questions.

Nutrition Coaching

Contact Bailey at bswensen@hallettcenter.com for more information.

SilverSneakers Live

Take SilverSneakers classes Monday through Friday 10am or 1pm on Facebook or on YouTube

  • Monday: Low Impact Cardio
  • Tuesday: Easy Going Yoga
  • Wednesday: Body Weight Exercises
  • Thursday: Balance & Flexibility
  • Friday: Friday Mixer (mash-up of the favorite exercises of the week)

Lutheran Social Services presents:

When: May 18, June 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29
Time: 1pm-2:30pm
Where: Virtually online using Microsoft Teams


Intermediate and advance level swimmers here’s a resource for you: https://www.goswim.tv/